THE Training Lab

Sport Performance Rehabilitation

Data Driven, Movement Based

Performance Physical Therapy Services

Fine-tune your performance with our specialized services. We take a data-driven approach to refining your movement patterns, enhancing speed, power, strength, and mobility to optimize your overall athletic function. We incorporate the latest evidence-based practices and innovative therapies to maximize your results.

Performance Prep

Ready to elevate your performance? Perhaps you’ve had a reoccurring injury that has been holding you back. We’re here to help! We’ll work through soft tissue issues with manual therapy techniques to prepare you for specialized movements so you can get back to the activities you love. Whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, we are committed to helping you reach new heights.

Return to Sport

We view injury as an opportunity to improve movement practices. We evaluate your injury diagnostic alongside your performance goals to create customized strength and mobility programs. Our goal is to re-train movement patterns for peak performance while focusing on proactive strategies to reduce the risk of future injury.

Athletic Maintenance

We take a collaborative approach to optimizing your performance. Working closely with coaches, trainers, or other members of your support team, we ensure that your recovery is integrated with all aspects of your training. Together we develop a maintenance program that is personalized to the intensity and volume of your performance schedule.

Our Partners

We partner with sport performance professionals at Landow Performance to bridge the gap between physical therapy and strength and conditioning. For elite athletes engaging in sport/position specific work, we have the expertise and tools available to focus on the performance metrics that matter.